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Praia da Mareta
Praias Sagres
Praias Sagres
Praia do Tonel

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It's the south-westernmost point of Mainland Europe, where the human presence dates back to pre-historic times, and it has been known for ages as the end of the world.
This area was an important reference point during the development of the maritime routes that connected Europe to Africa and America (13th/16th centuries).
This lighthouse was built in the early 20th century, in the exact location of the main Chapel of an old Convent, and not very far from the place where St. Vincent's bones/relics were found.
That's the origin of the name Cape St. Vincent (Saint Vincent had been a Christian deacon/priest who became a martyr of the Roman civilization).




The promontory has been known since pre-historic times as "Sacrum Satumi." The 15th-century walls were rebuilt over time and, for centuries, represented an important military defence element for this area. Allegedly, Infante D. Henrique lived here and founded his Navigation School.
Inside, we should highlight a Church with a 16th-century façade and a geometric figure drawn with coarse stones, depicting a "Compass Rose" that, allegedly, dates back to the 15th century.


The period of its construction is unknown, but it was already mentioned in 16th-century maps. It was rebuilt during the 17th century and seriously damaged in the following century due to the 1755 earthquake; it was progressively abandoned and finally restored in 1960.
Inside, there is a Chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine, and that is the reason why it is often called "Saint Catherine's Fort".

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